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Sharpie 19 by Steve B.

Sharpie 19 GATO NEGRO by Reuel Parker

Sharpie 19 by Lannis Morris




Flats Fisherman 17 by Crisler

Flats Fisherman 17 by Donovan

IBIS (Sharpie 45 SJI) anchored in Bimini, Bahamas

IBIS sailing the west coast of Andros, Bahamas

IBIS sailing in the southern Exumas, Bahamas

Commuter 36 by Steve (Florida)

Commuter 36 MAGIC by Parker Marine

Commuter 36 by Terry & Will Tyner

Commuter 36 Version 2 by Sea Island Boatbuilders

Presto 36 by Al Butkas

Dory 12 GANDY DANCER by Reuel Parker

Pilot Schooner 60 LEOPARD by Reuel Parker

LEOPARD in the Maine Great Schooner Race

LEOPARD in the Key West Wrecker's Race

Sharpie 16 UNICORN by Reuel Parker

Sharpie 18 BRIGHT STAR by Bob B.

Sharpie 28 LAHOMA by Bill Smith
Monroe EGRET built to WoodenBoat's Plans

Pilot Schooner 45

Exuma 55 IRONY, ex WILD HARE, restored by Mike Merkt

Exuma 55 IRONY

Lorcha 50 T'IEN HOU by Parker Marine

T'IEN HOU, sheets & halyards

Lorcha 50 T'IEN HOU by Parker Marine at sea

Reuel's Angels--T'IEN HOU's crew, Bahamas 2005

Lorcha 50 T'IEN HOU by Parker Marine

Sharpie 33 North Carolina by Hickman

SARAH as restored by Bill Smith, 2005

DANGER (Bateau 44)

DANGER CHARTERS, Key West--Three Reuel Parker Schooners

DANGER (Bateau 44)

Exuma 52 SARAH in Key West (Danger Charters)

Scull 20 by Reuel Parker

Restored and modified 30' Folk Boat VALKYRIE by Reuel Parker

 N. G. Herreschoff Buzzard's Bay 15 MONSOON
Restored by Parker Marine with Wayne Fox of Danger Charters
Lara Fox & Reuel Parker on board

1912 Alden Schooner WENDAMEEN restoration with Reuel Parker assisting Neal Parker, Jim Parker & crew

GLANCE & SYLVIA--28' Pilot Schooners in Key West

GLANCE & FRANK--28' Pilot Schooners in Ft. Pierce

IBIS (Sharpie 45 SJI) sailing in the Florida Keys, 2014

FISHERS HORNPIPE after 35,000 miles--Florida 1983

My first cruising salboat FISHERS HORNPIPE sailing on the California Coast, 1979

Exuma 44 TERESA in Nassau, Bahamas

Exuma 44 TERESA in Chesapeake Bay flying her Kite

Exuma 44 TERESA as restored by Todd Frizzel


Kayak 16 by Reuel Parker

Sharpie 19 GATO NEGRO & Reuel Parker