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27-foot New Haven Sharpie   

Of all the boats in The Sharpie Book, this one probably epitomizes the sharpie. I also feel that this is the most beautiful and fine-lined of all the craft, having excellent proportions and form. I adapted my design for amateur construction in plywood/epoxy from Chapelle’s Fig. 39 in American Small Sailing Craft. 
The model is a late version of the one-man, or 100-bushel boat, as they commonly appeared in the late 1880’s and early ‘90’s. Chapelle took the lines from an abandoned hulk in 1932 at New Haven, Ct. He stated that she represents the most highly-developed type of one-man sharpie, and notes that her stern was slightly lower than those of earlier models, giving her a better shape for yachting and racing. 
The boat shown in this photo was built by amateur builder Doug Zemp—his first-time project! He added the “winter house” and jib, that I drew as options for the boat. He wrote to say that the boat is an excellent performer and a delight to sail!