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Doug Gill lofting the design mold frame stations for the T-34

The strongback with stanchions for the mold frames; "Taco Stand" in the rear

Mold frames mounted on the strongback; plank keel, forefoot log & apron in place

The laminated plywood transom with perimeter cleats, knee & horn timber in place

Longitudinals (sheer clamps, chine logs & bilge stringers) in place; note rabbeted chine logs

The first (of two) diagonal layer of 5/8" plywood planking started; note allignment blocks

Keel first layer being laid; centerboard slot has been drop-cut

Topsides planking butts are ground hollow & taped with 2" glass & thickened epoxy

Hull planking complete; keel finished; ready for Xynole-polyester cloth & epoxy

The fabric-covered, epoxy-primed hull being turned using "square wheels", wood A-frame, and the winch on the front of my IH Scout

The righted hull; note buttblocks for topsides planking and spacers used to hold hull shape

The hull interior sanded and saturated to rejection with thin penetrating epoxy

Bulkheads being installed

The offset outboard well

The galley being framed; apperture for the gimbaled stove

The galley showing drawer banks, icebox (left) & berth/settee (right)

Cabin trunk carlins being made; notches are for side deck beams, rabbets are for cabin trunks

Deck beams and trunk carlins being installed; note blocks fit between beams above sheer clamps

Cabin trunk sides & ends are in place and coachroof beams are being installed

Cockpit coamings are laminated using plywood

The coachroof laid, cockpit finished, Xynole & epoxy covering all

Bulwarks from Douglas fir 2x6's ready to be installed

Interior trim & cabinetry getting started

Mooring bitts & bowsprit in place

The centerboard has plywood laminated over a foil-shaped solid stack-laminated core

The rudder in place; also plywood over a solid shaped core

The solid 6x6 full-length Douglas fir masts being laid out for tapering

Mast taper has been cut, squared and trimmed octagonal, using a large circular saw

The masts have been power-planed to 16, then 32 sides

Step tennons are finished; masts sanded and epoxy sealed

The masts are epoxy primed prior to application of linear polyurethane finish coats

Booms & gaffs have been shaped & sanded, now receiving epoxy putty prior to primer & paint.

My operations are always "asses & elbows"--they should look nice as well as work hard!

Note the "Taco Stand" tool trailer in the background and the Cafe Bustelo can ("Cuban Crank")

Laminating jig for the white oak gaff jaws

White oak boom & gaff jaws being dry-fitted before thru-bolting with SS allthread; note space between gaff jaws for clappers

Spars being varnished & painted

Beth Stevens, my chief helper and girlfriend (near the end) building TOMFOOLERY

The prototype Terrapin 34 TOMFOOLERY finished prior to stepping the masts. Total construction time from lofting to launching was 16 weeks

TOMFOOLERY in the slings; the whole gang assembled on the dock; Reuel Parker is shirtless, by the centerboard -- Islamorada, Florida Keys, July 14, 1989

TOMFOOLERY during sail trials in Islamorada


The magazine article written for BoatBuilder can be purchased from our BOOKS PAGE. It includes these photos plus text describing the process of building TOMFOOLERY