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Setting up the frames on saw horses linked together

The bow knee doubles as the foremast step, and joins plank keel to the apron

The stern knee joins the plank keel to the transom

The apron lands on the plank keel; chine logs join from the sides

The sheer clamps join the apron at a breast hook

Frame completed; bow view

Frame completed, stern view

Springing a plywood sheet over the frame for tracing and cutting

Dry-fitting a bottom sheet for tracing and cutting

The hull is planked. Note the gap for centerboard slot and skeg

Dry fitting the skeg and stern post components

Stem and gripe have been added; the finished hull is covered with Xynole-polyester fabric saturated with epoxy, then painted with high-build epoxy primer

The righted hull receives knees for washboards, deck beams forward, and support aft for stern sheets prior to saturation with thin epoxy

The centerboard trunk halves with posts and trunk logs attached are internally fabric/epoxy covered before installation

The rudder and centerboard

The mainmast is sawn to an octagon shape using the table saw

The masts are finished round, with round tennons to fit the mast step mortises (main shown)

Delrin sheaves are installed in masthead slots for halyards

The deck is reinforced from beneath for mast partners (fore mast hole shown)

The Douglas fir mooring bitt

Sail clews are given rat-tailed grommets for sheet attachment (I had to do this: the sailmakers didn't know how to!)

After passing the snotter through a hole, a looped stop hitch is used to secure the sprit to the mast (main shown)

Stock Schaefer hardware was modified for rudder gudgeons

The tiller pivots vertically in the rudder head; the hike stick is secured with a loop

A reduced nipple secures the sail clew to the sprit; a "slippery dick" knot secures the sheet end

An eyestrap secures the fore sheet fairlead block to the front of the mainmast

UNICORN sailing off Key West

The Sharpie 16 Eastern Shore Stickup UNICORN at the Wooden Boat Show in Mystic, CT