L.O.A.                   12′ 2 ¾”

BEAM                   4′ 4″

DRAFT                 7″ with 300 lbs. load

SAIL AREA           50 sq. ft.

WEIGHT               125 lbs.

TYPE                    Triple-chine surf dory

CONSTRUCTION  Cold-molded plywood; covered with epoxy-impregnated 4-oz. Xynole-polyester cloth. Sides are ¼”; bottom two layers of ¼”. Frames and stringers are white oak.

NOTES                 This vessel was adapted from the Chamberlain New England surf dory as a yacht tender and all-purpose rowing/sailing dory. I have taken the original model cruising with me to twenty foreign countries, using her in all weather conditions, and I believe she is probably the finest possible of small craft. The model is fast under both oars and sail, and can carry seven adults; four under sail.  She can handle moderate breaking surf, is an excellent sea boat, and is the only lifeboat I have ever had.  An outboard motor can absolutely not be used, thank goodness!  I carry one pair of 8-foot oars and one pair of 7-foot oars for heavy weather and for a second person rowing from the forward thwart (with a third person in the stern sheets). With two in the boat, I row from the forward thwart with my passenger astern.  I love this boat like no other.

See my article about Gandy Dancer in Good Old Boat Magazine, Nov/Dec 2004.

L.O.A.                   13′ 3 1/2”

BEAM                   4′ 4″

DRAFT                 7″ with 300 lbs. load

SAIL AREA           54 sq. ft.

WEIGHT               150 lbs. (approx)