Dory 14 — Full Size Patterns

LOA                      13’ 11”

BEAM                   3’4 1/2”

DRAFT                  5”

WEIGHT               60 lbs (approx)

The Dory 14 is an ultralight plywood speedster/exercise machine. It is intended for use on protected and semi-protected water, by persons who are accustomed to rowing fast, light boats, like the single scull.

She is built around bulkheads and transom, for which patterns are supplied. The bottom and sides are drawn to scale with measurements supplied–all that is necessary is to transfer the measurements to full-size plywood sheets (no lofting required).

The boat is tender, and is not suitable for land-lubbers, or for use as a yacht tender, despite the fact that I used the prototype for just that…my passengers had to sit in the bottom of the boat for ballast.

An illustrated Construction Booklet is supplied with Plans–which are very simple. The DORY 14 has only one solid wood component–the sheer clamp. It is made by ripping a slot in the bottom, which in turn slides over the plywood sheer. Total simplicity.

I build these dories, ready for sanding and painting, in ten hours of labor, distributed over three days to allow epoxy glue to cure.