Friendship Sloop 39

L.O.A.         43′ 4″

L.O.D.         39′

L. EXT.       56′

L.W.L.                   32′ 3 1/2″

BEAM         13′ 4 1/2″

DRAFT        6′

DISPL.        26,450 lbs.

BALLAST    9,500 lbs.

TYPE           Cruising yacht–gaff cutter with topmast/aux. power

POWER       Inboard Diesel, 40 H.P.

SAIL AREA 1,403 sq. ft.

ACCOMMODATIONS  Up to eight with convertible dinette

CONSTRUCTION   Cold-molded wood. Hull: Double-diagonal 1/4″ marine plywood over 7/8″ tongue and groove. Deck: Two laminations marine plywood–1/4″ over 3/8″. Sawn beams 3 1/2″x3 1/2″. All ext. wood fabric/epoxy-covered, polyurethane painted.

OPTIONS        Alternate interiors are available on a custom design basis. The vessel may also be built as a fisherman with fish hold or wet well (smack).