Launch 24

L.O.A.                   24’

L.W.L.                   20’

BEAM                   6’ 6” over the rails

DRAFT                 1’ 10” static, to bottom of gudgeon strap


TYPE                    Traditional fan-tail (elliptical-stern) motor launch

CONSTRUCTION    Cold-molded plywood/epoxy covered with epoxy-impregnated Xynole-polyester fabric. The hull is built of sheet plywood molded over five bulkheads, stern-frames, apron and plank keel. Longitudinals are cut from yellow pine or Douglas fir stock. The hollow box keel facilitates shaft and log installation and provides sump-well for bilge pump. Fan-tail construction is simplified by the use of flat plywood frames, for which a grid drawing is supplied. Bow and stern compartments are watertight and provide positive floatation. All wood components are epoxy-sealed and epoxy-painted during the construction process. All exterior and wet-well compartments are covered with 4 oz. Xynole-polyester fabric saturated with epoxy (two layers below the boot & 4 layers under the box-skeg. Final finish is linear-polyurethane (Imron is best).

PLANS                  Full construction plans (4 pages) include The Sharpie Book instruction manual. Construction is straightforward, and the boat may be attempted by an amateur with modest experience.