Lug Schooner 48

L.O.A.                    47’ 9”

L.W.L.                    40’ 11”

BEAM                    12’ 9” (Not over the Rails)

DRAFT                  3’ 9”

DISPL.                   28,000 lbs. approximately

BALLAST                9,500 lbs. lead, internal

TYPE                      Lug-rigged three-masted schooner

RIG                       Lug

POWER                  Yanmar 4JH4 diesel w/ 2.5::1 reduction gear

SAIL AREA             868 square feet (working) / 915 sq ft light air

SA TO D                ??

TANKAGE              160 gal Fuel; 236 gal water; 40gal waste

ACCOMMODATIONS           Two in Aft Cabin; two in V-Berth; two on Settees

SPEED CALCULATIONS   Hull Speed: 8.57 knots

CONSTRUCTION    Cold molded wood/epoxy/fabric. Covering system—epoxy impregnated Xynole-polyester fabric finished with linear polyurethane paint systems. Spars—Hollow “bird’s mouth” construction. Interior—painted ply trimmed with varnished hardwoods.

Complete plans include the construction manual THE NEW COLD MOLDED BOATBUILDING, Construction Drawings and Construction Notes.