Commuter 27


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L.O.A.                       27’ 2 ½”

 L.W.L.                      26’ 5 ½”

 BEAM                      7’ 10”

 DRAFT                     10”

 DISPLACEMENT      4,000 lbs (approx)

TYPE                        Single-chine plywood power cruiser; single or twin four-cycle-outboard-powered; Inboard engine optional. The vessel is intended for semi-protected waters (like the Florida Keys flats), with trips to Cuba and the Bahamas possible during calm weather. The vessel can be poled with engine up in less than one foot of water, making this an ideal flats fishing boat for extended trips.

CONSTRUCTION      Cold-molded marine plywood/epoxy, covered with epoxy-impregnated Xynole-polyester cloth. The hull is built around longitudinals spanning ½” ply bulkheads, greatly simplifying lofting and construction. Bottom: double-diagonal layers 3/8”; sides: one layer 1/2”; decks: foam-core/ply sandwich; twin 3/8” ply web frames fore & aft. Cockpit and lockers are self-draining.

PLANS                     Full construction plans include The Sharpie Book, Construction Notes, Construction Details and the illustrated Construction Manual from the original Commuter 36 design.

CAPACITIES            Fuel: 75 gal. (aluminum tank centered). Water: 60 gal. (p&s in bladder tanks). Cruising speed is 12 to 25 knots.

OPTIONS                  This vessel may also be built with an inboard engine (40 to 85hp). Recommended outboard power is 50 to 75 HP (4-stroke). Twin 36hp Yanmar diesel outboards or twin 35/40hp 4-stroke outboards may also be employed. Bear in mind that standing headroom is limited to 6’ in the aft raised cabin, and cannot be increased. There is sitting headroom forward. An inboard may employ an I/O drive or a Jet Drive. Weight must be minimized. Please write or email us for further information.

NOTE                       This boat is intended to be extremely fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly. The hull displacement distribution is based on modest engine weight. These factors, along with the velocities described, should not be exceeded for this hull form.


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