Full Plans for the Center Console 22.5 Fishing Boat


Fisherman 22.5

L.O.A.                            22’ 6”

L.W.L.                            20’ 1”

BEAM                            8’ 7”

DRAFT                           12” Static, Laden


TYPE                              Tropical and sub-tropical sport fisherman, suited for coastal ocean fishing and in the shallow sand flats of the Florida Keys and Bahamas Banks. Also suited for river, estuarine and bar fishing, the hull will handle a moderate chop at high speeds. Gulf Stream capable in settled weather.

CONSTRUCTION        Cold-molded plywood/epoxy covered with epoxy-impregnated Xynole-Polyester or Dynel fabric (two layers below the waterline). The hull is built of full-sheet marine plywood (1/2″ bottom, 3/8” sides and decks) molded over bulkheads, transom, apron and keelson. For rough service, scantlings should be upgraded 1/8” and the bottom may be double-diagonal planked (ie: two layers 5/16” ply). Longitudinals are cut from 1 ½” Douglas fir stock. All wood components are epoxy-sealed and epoxy-painted during the construction process. Four-pound density closed-cell polyurethane foam is used in sealed compartments, ice box and bait well. Final finish is linear-polyurethane.

PLANS                            Full construction plans (4 pages).  Although construction is straightforward, the boat is complex enough that perhaps it should not be attempted by the first-time amateur.


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