Shell 20 Ultralight Single Scull – Instruction Booklet – Full-Size Patterns


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LOA                                20’

BEAM                             1’ 7” at the Coamings, without outriggers

DRAFT                           2 ½”

WEIGHT                         45 lbs (approx)

TYPE                              Ultralight Scull/Shell, for competitive rowing on protected water. Weight capacity 160 lbs max.

CONSTRUCTION           3mm Okoume plywood over white pine longitudinals over 4mm bulkheads. Outriggers from 1” SS tubing and readily available joint fittings. Rowlocks, fittings and sweeps from Concept II Inc. All glues and sealants epoxy. Sliding seat uses Delrin sheaves (as wheels) on split ½” CPVC pipe tracks.


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