Snowy Egret 39


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L.O.A.                                      39’ 6″

L.W.L.                                     32′

BEAM                                      10’ 10″

DRAFT                                    1’ 9″

SAIL AREA                              516 sq. ft.

DISP.                                       10,500#

BALLAST                                 3,500 lbs. lead, in keel; additional to trim as needed.

TYPE                                       Sharpie Lifeboat based on Commodore Ralph Munroe’s Egret.  This vessel is intended for rough-water use, and represents the most sea-worthy sharpie type.  This represents the smallest Egret model to have full standing headroom throughout, and is suitable for long-range cruising.

RIG                                         Gaff-rigged, bald-headed cat ketch, self-tending/Chinese Junk

 CONSTRUCTION                Composite: Aluminum, steel or cold-molded plywood/epoxy covered with  epoxy-impregnated  polyester cloth.  Deck and house for all construction  methods to be cold-molded plywood/epoxy/fabric; spars to be Douglas fir.

NOTE:                                      There are several different versions of this design, including a 38’er that is Maxi-Trailerable.


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