The Voyages Of Fishers Hornpipe


The Voyages Of Fishers Hornpipe in 8.5×11 format with hundreds of color photos and charts



This large-format book, in the works for decades, is about building Capt. Parker’s first cruising sailboat on a California beach in the mid-1970’s, and sailing her 35,000 miles to twenty foreign countries. There is lots of information on building, planning, provisioning, finding crew (and love), navigation, learning the ropes of international travel, coping with storms at sea, and many anecdotes and revelations about life under sail. Two-hundred-sixty-two pages, with hundreds of charts and color photographs. We had to publish this ourselves, as McGraw-Hill would not touch a book with pictures of naked sailors! THE VOYAGES is a frank, pragmatic exposition of life on the water–if nothing else, it will give the reader a splendid arm-chair cruise, from the communes of California in the 70’s, through the Panama Canal to rarely-visited destinations like Columbia, Haiti and Grenada while it was a socialist nation, to coping with a family in New York which could never endorse the cruising life. 

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