Trimaran 40 Study Plans


Trimaran 40 Study Plans

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Study Plans for the fast cruising Trimaran 40

This is a light, fast tri with a rotating “L-Head” wing mast. The design is very simple and straightforward, and well within the grasp of a moderately experienced home builder.

The interior is minimalist, but comfortable and surprisingly roomy, with accommodations for four, plus a convertible dinette for a fifth. This is a long-term live-aboard cruiser.

The cockpit is huge, with settees for four crew to stretch out and sunbath. All underwater appendages are foil-shaped and retractable, such that running aground has no negative consequences.

This vessel can cruise in 21″ of water. Power is a 4-stroke outboard in a covered well, with a drop-in plug to completely streamline the hull underbody.

Plans are very thorough and simple to understand, and include full-size patterns for the amas (outriggers). Plans for the wing mast are very thorough.

The fully-battened sail drops into a custom “basket-Boom,” which contains reefed panels and the entire furled sail. Plans for all hardware are thorough.

The sail is a cross between Chinese junk technology and western gaff rig, with total control over sail shape implemented by a “Mast-Tiller.” The sail is an articulated wing.



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