Sampan 36 Houseboat

L.O.A.                         36’

L.W.L.                         31’ 11”

BEAM                         13’ 8”

DRAFT                        1’ 6”

DISPL.                        24,000 lbs. Laden

TYPE                           Sampan-style Houseboat

POWER                       Outboard in well, 25 to 50HP

ACCOMODATIONS     Sleeps two in queen-size berth; one on settee; guests on screened deck

TANKAGE                    800 gallons water, with optional roof-collection; 100 gallons holding

CONSTRUCTION        Cold-molded wood. Hull: Two layers of ¾” ply laid 90 degrees to eachother, ¼” teak and holly ply laid inside. Decks: ¾” plywood. Cabin sides: 3/8” bead-board ply over 2×2 studs; 1/8” paneling inside; Polyurethane foam core. Roofs: ¼” ply over laminated beams; 1/8” headliner, Polyurethane foam core. All exterior wood fabric/epoxy covered, polyurethane painted.

CONCEPT                    Houseboat for a couple, with a small child and occasional guests. Construction designed for ultimate simplicity and low cost. Not intended for use in open or rough waters. Foam-core uses common household “scoreboard” polystyrene 1 ½” foam for strength, low cost and heat/cold retention.

PLANS                         By Reuel B. Parker     PARKER MARINE ENTERPRISES     Plans include full-size Construction Section Drawings, Construction Notes, large-scale blueprints and a copy of The Sharpie Book (construction manual).