Sea Bright 14 — Chine Batten or Stitch & Glue


LBP                                          14’ ¾”

BEAM                                      4’ 3” (over the rails)

DRAFT                                     7”

WEIGHT                                   200 to 250 lbs depending on construction & use.

RIG                                          Sprit-rigged sloop

TYPE                                        New Jersey Beach Skiff. Suitable for sailing and rowing with one or two oarsmen in moderate coastal conditions. This model is designed with watertight compartments. This vessel is an excellent lifeboat for large yachts and commercial vessels. CONSTRUCTION                     Marine plywood covered with epoxy-saturated Xynole-polyester fabric. The hull is frameless and is built over bulkheads. Options for planking include lapstrake, chine log and stitch-and-glue. Skill-level required for construction is moderate