Terrapin 16– Quick Molded with Full-Size Patterns

L.O.A.                     15’ 10 ¾”

L.W.L.                    13’ 9”

BEAM                     5’ 4”

DRAFT                   10” board up / 2’ 8 ½” board down

WEIGHT                 Approx. 250 lbs empty

BALLAST                250 lbs.—optional—lead or water

TYPE                      Trailerable shoal-bodied centerboard sloop

POWER                  Outboard on bracket—optional

RIG                        Gaff sloop, self-tending

SAIL AREA             126 sq. ft.

CONSTRUCTION    Cold-molded wood/epoxy/fabric: Bottom—double diagonal marine ply planks (¼” x 9 ½”) over keelson plank, bilge stringers and chine logs. Sides—3/8” marine plywood joined with butt blocks and taped exterior joints. Decks—¼” marine ply.  Covering system—epoxy impregnated Xynole-polyester cloth finished with linear polyurethane paint systems. Spars—mast, gaff and booms are solid Douglas fir (mast may be hollow octagonal “bird’s mouth” construction to save weight).