Trimaran 40

L.O.D. 40′
BEAM 28′
SAIL AREA 900 sq ft upwind/1,400 sq ft downwind
DISP. 8,630# (for cruising)
TYPERacing/Cruising Trimaran
RIG Sloop/Fully-Battened Mains’l/Parker “L”-Head Wing Mast
POWER25hp 4-stroke Outboard in Well
CONSTRUCTIONCold-molded wood/plywood/epoxy covered with epoxy-impregnated Xynole-polyester cloth. Composite Ply/Foam-core Sandwich for bulkheads, decks, coachroofs, etc. Mast laminated from aircraft ply and epoxy. Boom, Tower and Bowsprit Aluminum.
PAYLOAD2,500 lbs. water, Fuel, Stores and Crew