Sea Bright 33C


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LENGTH BETWEEN PERP’S     32’ 11 5/8”

LENGTH WATER LINE                29’ 3 ¾”

BEAM                                       10’

DRAFT                                      1’ 6 3/8”; 4’ 2 3/8”

DISPLACEMENT                        8,700 lbs

BALLAST                                  3,265 lbs—2,000 lbs lead foil laminated on keel; Fuel & Water

WATER                                     75 gallons (625 lbs)

FUEL                                        80 gallons (640 lbs)

RIG                                          Gaff-rigged Cat Schooner/Marconi Sloop

SAIL AREA                                Schooner: 425 sq ft/635 sq ft (light air) Sloop: 439 sq ft

TYPE                                        New Jersey Sea Bright Skiff. Suitable for sailing in coastal and offshore conditions. This model is designed with watertight floatation compartments and accommodations for four with a small galley and head. The type has an excellent record as a lifesaving vessel, and can be used as an island-hopper, coastal cruiser, and ocean voyager. Maxi-Trailerable.

CONSTRUCTION                       Marine plywood covered with epoxy-saturated Xynole-polyester fabric. The hull is frameless, being built over bulkheads. Options for planking include lapstrake, chine batten and stitch-and-glue. Skill-level required for construction is moderate (stitch & glue) to high (lapstrake hull).

OPTIONS                                  An inboard diesel (2 cyl Yanmar 2YM15) may be installed under the forward end of the cockpit well under the bridge deck. An outboard in a well is not practical for this model. This boat may be rowed standing in the cockpit or sculled using a 10’ oar with heavy-duty rowlock mounted on the transom. Permanent ballast consists of lead foil laminated inside the keel bottom on both sides of the CB trunk covered with ¼” teak & holly plywood. Standing headroom is 5’ 2” with exposed beams, and 5’ 3 ½” with the foam-core deck option. The deck may be raised no more than 2” if more headroom is desired. Additional rigs are available on a custom-design basis. The schooner rig will be faster off the wind; the sloop rig will be more weatherly.


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