Bateau 25



L.B.P.                            24’ 7 ½”

L.O.A.                            36’ 6”

L.W.L.                           23’ 11”

BEAM                           8’ 6”

DRAFT                          1’ 4”/3’ 8”

DISPLACEMENT              2,500 lbs (approx)—trailer wt may be less if using water ballast

BALLAST                       1,000 lbs total: lead, water

SAIL AREA                    320 sq ft

TYPE                             Two‑sail bateau.

POWER                          Sculling oar, Diesel auxiliary or long-shaft outboard on transom

CONSTRUCTION           Cold‑molded plywood/epoxy covered with epoxy‑impregnated Xynole‑polyester cloth.

PLANS                           Full construction plans are available, which include the Construction Manual THE NEW COLD-MOLDED B0ATBUILDING, Construction Notes and Construction Details. As the hull is built around her bulkheads, lofting is simplified to laying out and cutting the four bulkheads.

DESIGN                          By Reuel B. Parker based on Howard I. Chapelle’s drawings of an un-named Hooper’s Island Crabbing Skiff, Messenger and Jess Willard.


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