Catalogue Of Sharpie Designs


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The Sharpie Catalogue includes 30 sailing sharpie designs and 3 power sharpies. Construction is plywood/epoxy/fabric of the simplest kind. These vessels are intended to be built by amateurs in the garage or back yard. Most are flat-bottomed; a few are V- or arc-bottomed; all sailboats are centerboarders. The larger sharpies can be built in steel or aluminum. Virtually all the sharpie designs are adaptions of traditional American working craft. Sharpies are fast and surprisingly weatherly, and terrific fun to sail. Because they are relatively narrow and light, even large sharpies can be trailored more easily than any other hull type. Only the largest sharpies can be comfortably lived in–but they make great camp boats and weekend cruisers for the whole family. Construction methods are described in THE SHARPIE BOOK by Reuel B. Parker. The book includes a history of sharpies and traditional construction methods. This Catalogue includes inserts of new sharpie designs at no additional cost, like our MAXI-TRAILERABLE CRUISING SHARPIES. .


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