Isles of Shoals 28


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L.O.D.                       28’ 4”

L.O.A.                        30’

L.W.L.                       27’ 9”

BEAM                        9’ 4”

DRAFT                      3’ 3”

SAIL AREA                 465 sq. ft.

DISPLACEMENT        11,300 lbs. (5.65 U.S. tons)

BALLAST                   4,500 lbs.

RIG                           Gaff rigged cat schooner with overlapping foresail

 POWER                     Small diesel if desired. Vessel originally rowed from two or more stations; can be sculled also.

 TYPE                         Double ended coastal fishing and cargo vessel. Very seaworthy open boat ‑‑ the model is a close cousin to the Block Island Cowhorn.

 ACCOMMODATIONS     These vessels were usually open boats, but can be decked with self‑bailing cockpit and trunk cabin between the masts to become an  extremely sea-worthy all‑weather/all‑oceans pocket cruiser for an  adventurous couple.

 CONSTRUCTION        Cold molded wood/epoxy/fabric: Hull ‑‑ double diagonal ¼” ply planks over 5/8” tongue and groove fir or yellow pine. All exterior surfaces and bilges covered with epoxy-impregnated Xynole‑polyester cloth and painted with linear polyurethane. OR strip-plank OR lapstrake.

 OPTIONS                   Complete plans include the construction manual THE NEW COLD-MOLDED BOATBUILDING, From Lofting to Launching. Please write or email us for further information.


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