Pilot Schooner 60


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L.O.A.              61’

L.O.D.             60’

L. EXT.            75’ 6”

L.W.L.             50’

BEAM             15’ Version I (LEOPARD)/16’ Versions II and III over the rails.

DRAFT            4’ 0”/10’ 6” Versions I & II (centerboard)/5’ 4” Version III (full keel)

DISPL.             42,000 lbs. Light (21 U.S. tons)/47,000# laden (half-cargo @ 5,000#)/52,000# fully laden  45,000 lbs. Versions II & III

BALLAST         15,000 lbs. Lead; 10,000 lbs. outside in keel, 5,000 lbs. inside (Centerboard Versions I & II) 20,000 lbs. Lead: 15,000 lbs. outside in keel, 5,000 lbs. inside (Full-Keel Version III)

TYPE               Highly modified early 19th-century Virginia Pilot Schooner; shoal-bodied centerboard hull.

POWER           Four-cyl. diesel, 85 to 125 H.P., under bridge deck (Hurth V-drive) Under saloon table (straight drive)

RIG                 Gaff rigged schooner with overlapping “lug” foresail, large jib, self-tending staysail, fisherman tops’l, jackyard tops’l

SAIL AREA      2,000 sq. ft. working /2,550 sq. ft. total. 1,900 sq. ft. (self-tending fores’l). All Versions may employ a boomed foresail at a loss of about 100 sq. ft. of working sail. The boomed fores’l will also compromise performance on all points of sail for the advantage of being self-tending.

ACCOMMODATIONS  Interior shown sleeps eight to ten. Master cabin is aft. Nav/station/office fwd. The layout shown is for an “in house” vessel for Parker Marine Enterprises. The 500 cu.ft. hold carries tools and equipment for limited research charters and marine historical research. The office includes a desk, drafting table and computer station, with flat-drawer chart storage & files. Water capacity is 300 gal.  Fuel capacity is 75 gal.  Ice hold carries up to 400 lbs. for 5 to 6 weeks duration. Other layouts are available on a custom design basis.

CONSTRUCTION  Cold molded wood/epoxy/fabric: Hull–double diagonal ½” marine ply planks over 7/8” tongue and groove lumber. Decks–Double laminated 3/8”/1/2” ply over sawn beams. All exterior surfaces epoxy and polyester-fabric covered. Masts are hollow hexagonal Douglas fir, booms and gaffs are solid Douglas fir. Interior–painted plywood trimmed with varnished hardwoods. External “flat-iron” keel box is lead-filled steel.

OPTIONS     Complete plans include the construction manual THE NEW COLD MOLDED BOATBUILDING, From Lofting to launching.  This vessel can be USCG certified as a passenger-carrying charter boat. Please write or call us for more information.

NOTES        Version I refers to the original PS-60 Leopard. Version II was redrawn for Living Classrooms of Florida—this hull is one foot beamier and has slightly higher freeboard. The vessel was never completed, due to lack of funds. Version III is the full-keel hull with all other dimensions the same as version II. All versions employ the Parker Flat Iron Keel, which functions as an end plate (improved tracking and higher pointing) and concentrates the ballast as low as possible.


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