Sharpie 19


The Sharpie 19 is a great day-sailor beach-camper. I named mine GATO NEGRO and she was a delight to sail.

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L.O.A.                   19′ 4″

BEAM                   5′ 4″

DRAFT                 8″

SAIL AREA           212 sq ft / 165 sq ft

WEIGHT               275 to 325 lbs app.

BALLAST              100 to 300 lbs. lead, depending on construction weight and use

TYPE                    Half-scale Ohio Sharpie with Florida rig

CONSTRUCTION     Cold-molded plywood; covered with epoxy-impregnated polyester. The hull is built by pre-scarfing sides and bottom.  Bulkheads are set up, sheer clamps and chine logs are fastened to the stem and transom.  Sides are then fastened and the bottom. The deck is 1/4″ plywood over 1×2 carlins supported by knees and bulkheads.  Flotation compartments are advisable.  Spars: solid Douglas fir (masts from 4×4 stock).

NOTES                 This vessel is a half-size reproduction of the sharpie type common to Ohio, the Florida Keys and east coast fisheries during the late nineteenth century. The rig is classic.


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