Skiff 12.5 Stitch & Glue – Full-Size Patterns


Easy-build utility skiff for stitch & glue construction.

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SKIFF 12.5

LOA                                12’ 6”

BEAM                             4’ 6”

DRAFT                           4 ½”

WEIGHT                         150 lbs (approx)

BALLAST                       Rail meat.

RIG                                Sprit mains’l and overlapping jib. The short plank bowsprit is easily removable by pulling a pin out of the stem-head.

TYPE                              Multi-chine daysailer with flat bottom for easy trailering and beaching. Light, fast, fun—two-station rowing will accommodate two oarsmen with a third for trim (or 100 lb lead pig) in the stern sheets, thus making this a superb boat for exercise rowing. Can also carry a small outboard up to 5 hp.

CONSTRUCTION           ¼” or 5/16” plywood, stitch & glue, over partial frames (bottom portions of frames are removed after planking). Frames made from ½” plywood; remaining parts become side frame/knees. Wide side decks (washboards) from ¼” plywood. Cockpit coamings are cocked out aft to provide comfortable seating on the deck while hiked out beating to weather. Full-size patterns come with Plans.


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