Abaco Sloop 33


This pocket cruiser is based on the excellent Bahamian fishing sloops from Man’O’War Cay. She has a full keel shallow enough for the island waters, and full enough to provide good performance. And she has standing headroom.

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L.O.A.                         33’ 8”

L.W.L.                         29’ 10”

L. EXTREME            41’ 4”

BEAM                         10’

DRAFT                        4’

SAIL AREA                  469 sq ft

DISP.                          10,250 lbs (approximate, for cruising)

BALLAST                    3,500 lbs lead, inside, and water.

TYPE                           Abaco Sloop. This vessel is intended for open ocean cruising. The model has 6’ 0” of headroom in the cabin. A large berth forward can be slept in fore and aft or athwartships.

RIG                             Marconi sloop, stayed mast. The hull is chosen for power, versatility, safety at sea, maneuverability and low cost. The rig is excellent for single-handing.

CONSTRUCTION   Construction is strip-planking with milled “cup & cove” softwood. Decks are ½” ply; bulkheads are 5/8” ply. Spars are Douglas fir. Exterior surfaces are covered with epoxy-impregnated Xynole-polyester cloth.

COMMENTS               A long-shaft outboard can be used in a transom well, or an inboard installed under the bridge deck and cockpit well. The propeller should be of a feathering type, like a Max Prop.


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