Kayak 15 – Paddle and Sail


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LOA                      15’

BEAM                   2’ 8”

DRAFT                  4 ¾”

CAPACITY             250 LBS.

WEIGHT               +- 45 LBS. UNLADEN

CONSTRUCTION  Bottom—4mm Shellman or Okoume plywood

Deck and Sides—3mm plywood

Stringers—white pine or D. fir

Bulkheads (four)—4mm plywood

Stem & Stern Aprons—4mm plywood

PLYWOOD            Shellman, okoume, or other high-quality waterproof marine plywood.

EPOXY                  Shell Epon, Ricoh, System Three or West. Thicken with Cabosil and microballoons for making fillets. Use 2” fiberglass tape to reinforce seams (both sides) and exterior chafe areas.

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  1. admin

    My favorite kayak. Great plan, easy to do.
    Martin Roy

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