Sharpie 45 San Juan Islands Study Plans


Sharpie 45 San Juan Islands Study Plans

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Study Plans for the 45-foot San Juan Islands cruising Sharpie IBIS

Howard Chapelle documented the 36-foot Straits of Juan de Fuca fishing sharpies of the San Juan Islands in Washington state. He considered these the most seaworthy of all sharpies.

My version of this historic type has been the best seller of all my larger sharpie plans, and when I started designing “Maxi-Trailerable” sharpies, I chose the model for a 45-foot version.

I liked it so much that I elected to build the prototype and test it in the Bahamas. The result was IBIS, which I sailed to the Bahamas four times, and found to be an ideal island cruising home.

With a draft of 2′ 6″, IBIS can sail where no other boats can even dream about fetching. Construction is dirt simple. using full sheets of plywood.

With single-halyard gaffs, and self-tending sails, the big sharpie is a delight to sail, and is surprisingly weatherly and fast.



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