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Reuel Parker at Wooden Boat Magazine parker

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  1. Dear Reuel,
    I’m interested in further information about your design “mini-trawler 35”.
    I’m quite happy to buy one of your books if the design is discussed in it.
    If the design is post book publication are you able to email me some information .
    kind regards,
    Peter Longden

    1. The Mini-Trawler 35 is now on the Showcase Page of my website. Also listed under products/powerboats.

  2. Mr. Parker,
    I have finally finished the 19 ft Ohio Sharpie. It looks beautiful and has received several favorable comments. I followed your plans and specifications faithfully with one exception. I had cut a 150 pound steel centerboard. It will have no other ballast. We shall see how this works.

    I have a problem though finding the right trailer. How much does the Ohio Sharpie weigh without center board or ballast?
    Art Pierson,

    1. Weight depends on many factors–scantlings, type of wood, fabric epoxy covering, even paint. I think GATO NEGRO weighed 250 lbs dry. Maybe 275 lbs.

  3. Reuel
    I just restored a 1959 Hankins surfboard over the winter and thought you might like the pics of it
    Send me an email address I can attach photos to
    Chip Eichhorn, neptune NJ

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