Catalogue Of Cruising Designs



This catalogue includes 35 cruising sailboat designs ranging in size from 21′ to 70′. The designs focus on cold-molded wood construction, though many of the vessels can be built using other methods. The catalogue includes numerous hull-types, categorized by complexity of construction method. The round-bilged hulls use triple-laminate construction–double-diagonal planking over fore-and-aft tongue-and-groove planking. The arc-botttom hulls use “quick-molded” double-diagonal plywood planking over longitudinal stringers, with developable-surface plywood topsides planking–fast, simple, light and strong. The scows use V-bottom construction consisting of full sheets of plywood laid double-diagonal. Sailing rigs include schooners, ketches, yawls, cutters and sloops. Hulls include centerboarders, keel/centerboarders and full-keels. Most of the designs derive from traditional American working craft, as we believe these make excellent cruising vessels. The construction methods for these designs are described in detail in our manual: THE NEW COLD-MOLDED BOATBUILDING, from lofting to launching, by Reuel B. Parker, a copy of which is included when purchasing FULL BUILDING PLANS. This catalogue includes inserts of new designs like our MAXI-TRAILERABLE CRUISING SHARPIES.


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